Hiko talks about Yoru, doesn’t believe he’ll be used much

It's still too early to determine if Yoru will become a popular and viable agent.

Screengrab via VALORANT Esports

100 Thieves VALORANT player Hiko explained on stream today how Yoru is effective in certain situations, but he isn’t sure if he’ll be used a lot in professional play. 

Yoru is the newest agent in VALORANT and has a unique ability set that allows players to outmaneuver and confuse the enemy team. Players are still figuring out how Yoru fits into the VALORANT meta and if he’ll become an important agent in team compositions. 

After using Yoru in a few matches, Hiko explained that Yoru can be useful but he doesn’t believe he’s viable enough to be consistently selected. Hiko believes Yoru can be used to outplay enemies with his abilities, but he’s a liability on defense. 

“He has no stall, he only has two flashes, and you kind of have to make a play instantly with TP, which isn’t terrible but is not that good,” Hiko said. “His fake footsteps, I feel like sometimes are really obvious.”

Hiko did say that players haven’t had a lot of time to learn how to use Yoru’s abilities effectively yet, but he still believes he won’t be used often. 

VALORANT features a wide variety of agents with different abilities to fill specific roles in team compositions. Not all agents are viable in every scenario and teams often use the same groups of agents in professional play. 

It’s still too early to tell if Yoru will be stuck on the sidelines or become a staple in team compositions. Riot Games will also likely adjust Yoru in the future based on player feedback and his performance in games.