VALORANT players are encountering a weird map visual that might be an agent teaser

Is it a teaser or a glitch?

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players are reporting an odd visual glitch on their mini-maps that might be another teaser for the upcoming agent. 

Several players have noticed an odd symbol on their mini-map just outside of the playable area, which appears to be a golden diamond shape with blue accents. The object has appeared on multiple maps on offense and defense, confusing players on what it is. Some think it might be a glitched visual for the Spike or a ping, but others think it could be hinting at the game’s next agent. 

Fans have received several hints about the upcoming VALORANT agent over the last few months. A strange person was spotted in the Year One Anthem video and someone with a French accent narrated the Fracture trailer. This person is also likely behind the destruction of the facility on Fracture and two weapon cases can be found on either side of the map. 

Patch 3.08 also introduced new music in the shooting range, leaning into the sophisticated style of the upcoming character. The agent currently known as Deadeye is confirmed to be a sentinel and the mysterious icon could hint at one of their abilities. 

It’s possible this is just a visual glitch, but it’s more fun to theorize about Riot Games adding another hint at an upcoming agent. Either way, VALORANT fans will have to wait for the character to be revealed to see if this was a fun Easter egg or a visual bug. 

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