VALORANT player reveals useful location for Cypher’s Spycam on Ascent

Check this spot in your next match.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player discovered another excellent spot for Cypher’s Spycam near B site on Ascent. Attackers are unlikely to see the camera, and Cypher players can gather information from a safe location. 

The player demonstrated how to deploy the camera, which involves a slightly tricky maneuver. Players must strafe left while on top of a bench near B site to deploy the camera into B Main. Once deployed, the camera provides a clear view of B main and can track enemy movement. Players can warn their teammates of an initial push or rotate to another site if there is no enemy activity. 

Lining up the shot can be slightly difficult, but it should be easy to recreate after a few practice rounds in a custom match. Enemy teams might notice the camera after a few rounds, so make sure to use the spot sparingly. Players will likely hear the camera at the beginning of the round, but they will not know its exact location, and it can still provide information. 

VALORANT players have found several useful spots for Agent abilities that can help win rounds. Another Cypher player showed several spots on Ascent for Cypher’s abilities, and a Brimstone player showed several locations where his molly can be used to cover the spike. 

Players committed to ranking up or becoming a better VALORANT player should learn a few of these spots, especially if they are Cypher main. Other players should also monitor these locations in case they encounter them in a match.