VALORANT player highlights Brimstone molly spots on Bind

Use these spots to your advantage.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT features a diverse lineup of agents with unique abilities that can turn the tides of a match. Knowing how to use these abilities effectively is essential for players to perform well and help their team.

One VALORANT player showcased some important molly locations today that all Brimstone players should know on Bind. 

The player uploaded a video highlighting several molly locations that players can use to help protect sites from a distance and to buy time while rotating on Bind. The first molly location, for example, allows Brimstone to fire his ability from the defenders’ spawn to cover the showers entrance into the site. This prevents enemies from pushing onto the site without taking damage and can buy time for the defending players to reposition on the site. 

Attacking players should also know spots where Brimstone’s molly can be used to cover a planted spike from a distance. The video shows multiple locations where a molly can be fired to cover popular plant locations on A site. Players can also protect the spike on B site from a distance by lining up the molly from Hooka or B long. 

Most of the molly throws shown will take practice to perfect since they require using the ability from a specific spot. Players will have to use their environment to make sure they’re lined up correctly—and it’s probably best to practice these locations in a private match first. 

Using abilities effectively can help you easily win important rounds without risking your life in the process. But players can use the same tactics against you, so be prepared for these strategies at higher levels.