VALORANT player gets 3 kills with one bullet

Push the golden gun at your own risk.

Image via Riot Games

In a game of Spike Rush, where every player spawns with the same weapons each round, the golden gun is a powerful weapon. Capable of one-shotting any other player in the lobby no matter where the bullet lands, the golden gun orb can change any game in the mode. 

Still, most people probably wouldn’t have expected it to kill three players in one shot.

Reddit user dubie9 found themselves in a fairly typical round of Spike Rush. Everyone got a Marshall to begin the round, and once both teams found themselves on the B site, the hip-firing commenced. With their teammates quickly downed, the enemy team simply rushed the final player standing with knives. And that’s when the golden gun struck.

When a player is killed who has the golden gun in Spike Rush, it automatically becomes the sidearm of their killer, and dubie9 took full advantage of this. The golden gun appeared in their inventory directly after killing the enemy Raze, and after a whiff on the enemy Reyna, they quickly switched to the gun more suited for close range. 

And that’s when it happened: three enemy players lining up in a miraculously straight line while they tried to close in for the knife kill, like a sudden alignment of the stars foreshadowing their demise. With the one-shot kill nature of the golden gun, dubie9 probably didn’t technically need to headshot the Reyna to get the collateral kills on Jett and Brimstone, but it certainly upped the style points. And, judging by the bewildered enemy messages in the game chat, the overconfident players clearly didn’t see it coming.

One shot, three enemies, three kills. It doesn’t get much cleaner than that.

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