VALORANT player discovers issue with target in Range

The target in the Range is slightly lower than the usual headshot level.

Image via Riot Games

The Range in VALORANT is the ultimate training ground for players to warm up before games, learn post-plant setups, and how to attack sites. Each part of the Range is a new opportunity for players to grow their skills which includes the large target outside of the warm-up section of the map.

When players are looking to shoot bots to warm up their aim, they can look to the right of the area to see a large target with a bot standing next to it. Players can shoot at the target or the bot to see where their bullets are going in real-time. There is an option to change the distance of the target from the player to account for all situations when it comes to the actual games.

A VALORANT player noticed that the target in the Range with the training dummy is placed lower down than where enemies stand on the map, however.

“I feel like the center of the target board, along w/ the bot dude should be higher to match regular head-height crosshair placement,” the player, fozzy143, said. “As it stands, at its standard base set distance, you’re aiming below your regular crosshair placement to be centered on the board & the bots head.”

To compare the heights, the player put another bot into the range at the typical height to compare the differences. Since the target is slightly lower than normal, it promotes players to aim lower than the headshot range. This can affect the performance of the player who is attempting to increase their headshot range and practice good positioning at varied distances.

To correct this, Riot would have to move the target slightly higher to match the height of in-game enemies.