VALORANT player discovers broken one-way wall on Bind that allows Jett to see or attack A Heaven from Short

Riot should look to fix this in an upcoming patch.

Image via Riot Games

More VALORANT glitches have been discovered on the map Bind. This time around, Jett is the perpetrator. Players have found a new spot that allows her to double jump on the A Short area of the map to see onto the defensive A Heaven position.

In the video, the Jett player is positioned on the corner ledge in A Short. She faces the A site and uses both of her Updraft abilities, which gives her brief vision of the A Heaven position on the site. If she has her ultimate ability, Bladestorm, she can also attack any enemies seen from the position.

The biggest problem with this glitch is that for defenders, there’s a one-way wall that doesn’t allow them to fire back or even see her jump up. On their end, it looks like the knives are coming out of the wall. As a result, a good Jett player can get free information for her team—and some people could even get a kill if her ultimate is up.

For some players, this might not be too useful since it requires both of her jumps to complete for a non-guaranteed kill. But to anyone with good aim, this could give a free shot at an enemy who’s known to cover the A site from Heaven.

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Riot will likely need to patch out this new bug before people are able to use it in their own games. Last week, for example, players discovered a game-breaking glitch with Killjoy’s turret that was promptly patched out of the game.

The developers have been diligent at removing glitches. Although this bug isn’t too popular just yet, it’d be good for Riot to take the initiative and fix it.