VALORANT Patch 3.10 adds new lore updates in Brimstone’s office

Brimstone's office received a minor update.

Image via Riot Games

Patch 3.10 added more to VALORANT than meets the eye. Players have found new details in Brimstone’s office beneath the Shooting Range. 

As reported by VALORANT lore enthusiast Cynprel, Brimstone’s office now features a map with the locations of all current VALORANT maps. Players can see a polaroid picture of every map except Fracture, which is only marked with a sticky note. But the pictures and notes correspond with each map’s location on Alpha Earth, giving players a better understanding of where each fight takes place.

The update also added a copy of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” next to the record player. This story centers around a man dealing with the death of a loved one and struggling to deal with his emotions. The pictures above the record player show Brimstone growing up with a friend, who’s theorized to be the person he’s carrying in his unlockable Contract player card. Some have also theorized KAY/O to have the personality of Brimstone’s friend, although this is only speculation. 

It’s unclear if Brimstone’s office is leading to significant lore reveal or if Riot Games is just adding small details to flesh out the character’s backstory. The office was also recently updated with a new message from Chamber and Brimstone’s computer currently features an email from Cypher discussing the new agent. 

Patch 3.10 introduced Chamber, the new sentinel agent, and changes to the competitive queue that allow players to queue in groups of five regardless of their rank. Fans can review all of the updates in the official Patch 3.10 notes

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