VALORANT Patch 3.10 to allow 5 stacks of any ranks in competitive queue

Get your group ready to grind.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players can look forward to enjoying five stacks with their friends regardless of rank in Patch 3.10. But the update is also introducing changes to “mitigate against competitive integrity issues,” according to Riot Games. 

Grinding ranked matches in VALORANT can be a tough experience, especially when solo queueing or playing with a smaller group. Sometimes it’s impossible to play with friends altogether if they’re a higher rank, making it a limiting and disappointing experience. Patch 3.10 removes these restrictions by allowing players to five-stack with friends regardless of rank. 

Riot explained one of the most common reasons for smurf accounts is so players can play ranked matches with their friends. Removing the five stack boundaries for all ranks eliminates this issue and should help prevent smurfs from ruining the game’s competitive integrity. 

While players can now enjoy five stacks without ranked restrictions, there are important new changes to consider. If a five stack contains at least one Diamond Two player, the group will face extended queue times while VALORANT tries to find another five stack with a similar average MMR. Ranked rating (RR) gains and losses will also be reduced when playing in a five stack based on the rank disparity within the group.

If a team’s lowest player is Silver One and the highest is Platinum One, for example, the group receives a 50 percent RR reduction since the highest and lowest members are one rank outside the current ranked restrictions. If the lowest member of the team is Bronze One and the highest is Platinum One, the team receives a 75 percent reduction since the group is four ranks outside the standard group restrictions. 

A minimum of 50 percent RR reduction is applied to all five stacks including at least one player ranked Diamond Three or above, which increases up to 90 percent based on the skill disparity. If four members of a party are Immortal and one is Diamond Two, for example, the group will see a 75 percent reduction to RR gains and losses. If the lowest player is Diamond Three, there will be a 50 percent RR reduction. 

If at least one player in a five-stack is Radiant, a 75 percent RR reduction will be applied. An indefinite wait time will also be applied because the game will only match the squad with a five stack with a similar MMR. If any member of a five stack containing a Radiant player is a lower rank, the group automatically receives a 90 percent RR reduction. 

Riot has also removed four stacks from the competitive queue. These groups often “leave the remaining solo queue player with a relatively poor play experience,” according to Riot—and this change should help avoid that from happening. 

Riot confirmed that it will monitor the changes throughout the next few weeks and make more adjustments as needed.

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