VALORANT Patch 2.02 didn’t fix bugs impacting Sova’s Drone and Cpyher’s Cam

But help is on the way.

Image via Riot Games

Today’s VALORANT update, Patch 2.02, addressed several issues impacting players. But the bug that causes players to get stuck after using Sova’s Drone or Cypher’s Spy Camera is still in the game. Riot Games confirmed that it’s still working on a fix and will keep players updated. 

Patch 2.02 fixed several bugs, including the silent plant exploit and the issue surrounding Omen’s Shrouded Step. The bug that causes players to get stuck after using Cypher’s Spy Camera or Sova’s Drone was also listed in the patch notes as resolved earlier today, but this was a mistake. 

Riot confirmed the bugs “didn’t quite make it in this time” and that a fix for the issue is in the works. This is a minor setback for Sova and Cypher mains since they could still encounter this glitch in matches. But Riot is aware of the problem and will likely release a hotfix to address the bug. 

Patch 2.02 also introduced changes to the running accuracy of assault rifles and increased the rank rating convergence. This will allow players to reach their intended rank faster. Players who perform well in lower ranks will receive bonus rank points, too. 

Diamond III players can only solo or duo queue now, which should prevent five stacks from dominating the leaderboards and pushing players into higher ranks. 

It’s unclear when the Cypher and Sova ability bug will be fixed, but it’ll likely be patched soon.

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