VALORANT players can silently plant the spike

Don't be surprised if you miss the audio queue.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player recently found a way to silently plant the spike that prevents defenders from attempting to stop the plant and gives the attackers an advantage. 

The method to silent plant the spike is relatively simple but does take practice to recreate. Players must open the map just as they start planting the spike. And if done correctly, the spike will be planted without triggering an audio queue. 

The method can be done anywhere and other players recreated the bug on other maps. But the spike can’t be silently defused, so players can’t win a round without alerting the enemy. 

This bug is a significant problem that affects the competitive integrity of matches. Audio is one of the most important factors in VALORANT and planting the bomb without making noise puts the defending team at a disadvantage. 

Both teams can’t hear the spike being planted, so teams without communication will also be at a disadvantage. Distracted players might not notice their teammate planted the bomb on another site and could be too far away to help defend it. 

Most players could recreate the bug after a few tries and players will likely start seeing it in their public matches. 

Riot Games has consistently fixed bugs found by the community, including the ability to fake defuse by using Jett’s dash or Omen’s teleport. This silent plant method should be removed before it becomes a problem in all modes.