VALORANT Gekko tips and tricks: How to best play Gekko

Make the best of his creature kit.

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As of VALORANT Patch 6.04 and Episode Six, Act Two, the latest agent in Gekko has officially arrived to shake up the initiator meta. Gekko, previously named Agent 22, equips his cute but impactful creatures with his abilities, using them to blind, concuss, and detain his opponents.

Mosh Pit is most similar to a molly like KAY/O’s FRAG/MENT grenade, but rather than dealing damage over three pulses, it’s one single pulse over a wider radius. Dizzy is a powerful flash, Wingman can fire a concussive blast similar to Breach’s Faultline and also plant/defuse the spike. Finally, the Thrash ultimate is steered like Skye wolf but detains the opponents in its detonation range.

Gekko is very powerful, and every ability in his kit is exceptionally useful. But if you’re looking to get the absolute most out of him, follow these tips.

How to play Gekko in VALORANT

Dizzy is a powerful flash, so use it

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Dizzy could be the best flash in the game. Unlike the flashes used by Skye, Phoenix, and KAY/O, you can’t blind yourself with it. In addition, it fully blinds opponents that are in its line of sight, even if they’re not looking at Dizzy.

This means that a Dizzy thrown over a wall or around a corner is so much more impactful, because it can’t be dodged unless the enemy goes completely unseen by Dizzy. And Dizzy fires his flash pulse so quickly after being thrown, he’s hard to escape or shoot before it happens. However, it is worth noting that his health is very low.

One technique you can use with Dizzy across multiple maps is the action of throwing him straight up to peak over walls and geometry, which grants you information about enemy positions, before Dizzy lands right back at your feet for an easy reclaim.

Use Mosh Pit to clear out hiding spots and deny pushes

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Mosh Pit’s massive radius and lethal impact make it a tremendous tool for flushing enemies out of hiding spots and deterring pushes. When Mosh Pit hits the ground it expands, and roughly two seconds after it detonates, and deals 150 damage (full health and armor) to anyone in the light green section.

Similar to other mollies, it’s super useful at clearing out corners, holding off pushes at various chokepoints, and keeping opposing players from defusing a spike during a post-plant. It’s also got a great throw distance, and unlike Gekko’s other abilities, Mosh Pit cannot be broken or destroyed.

Don’t be reckless with Wingman

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Every player who plays Gekko for the first time will at least once give Wingman the spike, send him recklessly towards the site, and watch in dismay as an opponent kills the little guy, giving the enemy team control of spike. It will happen once, but don’t make a habit of it.

Wingman’s plant ability should be used as part of a team’s execute or push onto site, not to be used as a cheeky method of getting a free plant without anyone having to go on site. Be giving Wingman the spike, Gekko himself can push deeper into site or get into a post-plant spot quicker.

Pick up your friends

Gekko Valorant
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Wingman, Dizzy, and Thrash can all be picked up by interacting with each ability’s globule, and cast again after a 10 second cooldown, although Thrash can only be used once more in a round. However, both Dizzy and Wingman can be picked up and cast again after 10 seconds with no limit.

With multiple uses of Wingman and Dizzy available, Gekko can meticulously create space by flashing and stunning multiple angles. Just make sure not to throw them too far into enemy territory, as you won’t be able to recover the globules in time before they expire.

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