VALORANT’s new agent Gekko has a couple of hidden Wingman mechanics that could win rounds

Little buddy, big impact.

Gekko Valorant
Image via Riot Games

Riot Games is finally releasing VALORANT’s next agent today, and with his lime-green hair and flashy kit, he’s sure to become a popular choice on the battlefield.

Gekko has already won over players around the world with his unique ability set while in the heat of battle. These abilities come in the form of three little companions that run around the map, supporting the team in different ways.

One such buddy is Wingman, a small bipedal creature that can run in a straight line and concuss any enemies that cross its line of sight or defuse and plant the spike. Wingman is a pretty useful ally already, but most players might not know that he also comes with some hidden interactions that could win some rounds for his team.

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For example, there are many instances where a Yoru player will pretend to be a clone to access the backline without being shot. Wingman, however, won’t ever lock onto Yoru’s clones and will always target the real player once they get into view. As a result, Gekko can use Wingman to identify whether a Yoru is real or not, without having to shoot them and risk getting flashed.

Gekko also has a useful mechanic against Sage, where he can use Wingman to break her Barrier with ease. When Gekko sends Wingman to plant the spike on the site, the little friend hops into a cute running animation as he makes his way to the spot marked by the player. If there is a Sage wall that blocks his path to the site, however, the creature will continuously run into the wall until it breaks.

This is a great interaction for attackers since the Sage wall can be a huge deterrent when pushing onto a site. With the right angle, however, Gekko can use Wingman to burst a hole into their defenses without having to spend an entire magazine breaking down a portion of the wall, saving precious time and resources for the ensuing skirmish.

Get ready to make an impact for your squad when Gekko is released on the live servers today.


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