Tarik viciously destroys Wingman in first-ever Gekko round at VCT LOCK//IN

He's just a little guy.

Image via Riot Games

Fans may be eager to see the abilities of Gekko in action, but massive content creator Tarik isn’t about to allow the new agent’s adorable Spike-carrying creature to get a free plant.

On the final day of the VCT LOCK//IN, Riot officially introduced the newest initiator agent Gekko prior to the start of the grand finals. After a cinematic trailer and a sitdown interview with one of the developers explaining his abilities, fans got to see the agent in action for the first time in a showmatch.

Both team captains—Tarik and fellow creator FRTTT—picked Gekko on Lotus. In the pistol round, FRTTT equipped one of the new agent’s creature-based abilities in Wingman, and activated the alt-fire ability that sends the creature forward with the Spike.

But as Wingman went to plant, Tarik dove into the Harbor cove and executed the little guy with his Ghost pistol. As seen above, Wingman turns into an orb that can be picked up, but no one was able to go grab him during the first round.

To start the second half, Tarik also went for a plant with Wingman but had his destroyed too. In the second half, however, Tarik’s team started to clear out sites first before sending Wingman, giving the fans a clear look at the little minion as he planted the Spike.

The players playing in the showmatch have only had a limited amount of time to try out the new agent, but they have done a good job showcasing the different methods that Gekko’s creature-based abilities can be utilized.


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