VALORANT expert roasts ‘laughingstock’ Karmine Corp on VCT EMEA co-stream


Photo by Colin Young-Wolff via Riot Games

The hits just keep coming for Karmine Corp, with harsh criticism leveled at the VCT team by a big name on April 20.

Former Team Liquid VALORANT coach Connor “Sliggy” Blomfield, who is now a content creator under the organization and one of the official VCT EMEA co-streamers, seemed to side with former Karmine Corp starter Alexis “Newzera” Humbert after he abruptly left ScreaM and crew halfway through the season amidst their rocky start in the competition. For Sliggy, nobody can blame Newzera for doing what he did.

“I mean, it must be a rough spot. Like, they’re getting annihilated,” Sliggy said during VCT EMEA’s co-stream on April 19 during halftime of Liquid vs. Heretics. “They’re a laughingstock, let’s talk about it how it is. We watch it for comedy at this point, so I can see how this could be very hard on your mental. When you’re the butt of the joke every single week and you’re trying your best it must be horrendous for your mental.”

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There’s nothing Karmine Corp can do now that Newzera has stepped down, with ScreaM implicating that his former teammate just doesn’t want to play anymore. The transfer window is closed and the French team will have to play with their substitute, assistant coach Ahmed “ZE1SH” El Sheikh, for the rest of the season unless Newzera comes back in the near future. Newzera said he’ll make a Twitlonger by this weekend to explain what happened.

ZE1SH will take over in-game leadership duties, meaning ScreaM will be free to just focus on his individual game, but it’s unlikely that Karmine Corp will improve as the skipper never competed in tier-one VALORANT tournaments before as a player.

Karmine Corp will face NAVI, the third-placed team in the league at the moment, tomorrow, April 21 at 11am CT. They’re in a dire need of a victory to remain with a chance of qualifying for VCT Masters Tokyo in June.

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