VALORANT Episode 3 battle pass player card potentially hints at new map

Riot has yet to confirm anything, however.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT‘s Episode Three: Reflection is just around the corner—and its battle pass may include a hint at future content.

Riot devs tend to hide teasers and Easter eggs in VALORANT‘s battle pass that point to upcoming agents or maps. Episode Three’s tier-42 player card, Testing Grounds, features an arid landscape that appears to be in the middle of nowhere. Lore enthusiast Cynprel broke down the player card today, theorizing that it’s a teaser for a new map.

Cynprel explained that the scene looks like a desert reminiscent of a “Southwestern US landscape.” They also identified a radianite hazard symbol, hinting that the energy source is likely present at this location. There’s even a floating triangle in front of a plateau in the background, which can potentially be a radianite island similar to Ascent. With the location harboring the contentious substance, it seems like the perfect place for mirror agents to close in on.

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Breeze was the last map released in Episode Two, Act Three, where Riot opted to focus on that in lieu of debuting a new agent. The tropical paradise was teased countless times throughout the act, even alluded to in the Lost at Sea? player card. The cosmetic depicted a cargo ship flanked by smaller boats, all likely heading to Breeze.

Riot hasn’t confirmed any of this information, but the devs tend to release one map every episode. While a new map won’t be introduced in Episode Three, Act One, it’s completely possible for Riot to release one in the following act.

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