Teaser image further hints at new VALORANT map

A new map might be here sooner than you think.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games released a new teaser image today of what appears to be an upcoming VALORANT map, including cryptic text in different languages. 

VALORANT fans have noticed several hints about an upcoming map over the past few months. People noticed a suspected teaser in the Year One Anthem video and a player card also appears to contain hints at the next map. Some lore enthusiasts even noticed flora in the latest Night.Market image, which might be another reference to the new map. 

Riot has finally released another official teaser about the new map, but it also introduced many questions. The new image shows the same derelict facility overtaken by greenery on the left and the desert on the right. It also features a mysterious blue object just beneath the surface, which might be a meteor. 

The image says “entzweite weiten,” which roughly translates to “divided expanses.” The bottom of the screen also includes “Futuros Revelados,” which translates to “futures revealed.” There’s even Chinese text translating to kingdom and disintegrate, which has led some fans to speculate if this means the fall of Kingdom. 

Another small image shows a close-up shot of the desert part of the map and the letter B, likely indicating the B site will be in this area. There’s also a closer shot of the glowing blue object, which appears to be a machine. 

This teaser is still cryptic and confusing, but it does provide a better look at what is most likely the next VALORANT map. There’s no official release date for the new map, but fans will likely learn more soon. 

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