The latest VALORANT Night.Market image might tease a new map

The new map might come sooner than you think.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players have noticed that the latest Night.Market image might feature the game’s next map since the flora in the background doesn’t match any of the current maps in rotation. 

VALORANT lore enthusiast Cynprel pointed out that the flora in the latest Night.Market teaser image doesn’t look like the plants on Breeze, which is where most players assumed the image took place. These plants look more “fern-like,” according to Cynprel, meaning they might be referencing a map that hasn’t been released yet. 

Previous teaser art and backgrounds have already shown what many players believe to be the next map coming to VALORANT. The VALORANT Year One Anthem video showed an elevated location with Radiante leaking into the sky, leading many to believe that this is the next battlefield. A player card also shows a road leading toward what appears to be the same area, further indicating the importance of the location. 

The flora in these images does resemble the plants in the Night.Market poster, which might further indicate that this is the next map. But Riot Games has not officially confirmed these details.

Riot does enjoy teasing new agents and maps before their release with small Easter eggs and secrets. Breeze was teased with various beach teasers and fans noticed KAY/O’s knife stuck in a crate before he was officially released. The Night.Market theory might be a bit of a reach, but it’s still fun to think about. 

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