Riot to fix bug allowing players to plant spike in “interesting locations”

There will be no downtime for this patch.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games said a small patch, which aims at fixing a spike plant bug, will arrive on VALORANT servers within the next eight hours.

The official VALORANT Twitter account tweeted at 5:23pm CT it will push out a patch today to fix a bug that allows Phoenix players to plant the spike in “interesting locations.” Riot said the patch should not impact players in a game when it drops, but players that disconnect during the patch may not be able to get back into their games.

For several days, players have been aware of this bug, which can happen when a Phoenix player activates their ultimate and teleports back to their original position while planting the spike. The spike will then be planted wherever Phoenix teleported back to, although the game registers it as if the spike was planted in the designated bombsite.

This bug can very obviously be abused because opposing players cannot know exactly where the spike is planted, especially when Phoenix “plants” the spike on top of Sage’s wall or on a box that typically would not allow a spike plant. Fortunately, the bug is not incredibly easy to pull off.

Riot said there will be no downtime for this patch and that it is working on a solution to make sure players can reconnect to their games if they are disconnected because of the patch.