Riot showcases Sova in latest VALORANT gameplay teaser

“Wherever they run, I will find them.”

Image via Riot Games

Sova is the star of the show of VALORANT’s latest gameplay teaser released today, giving fans a taste of what they can expect from the character later this year.

He’s a long blonde haired Russian with a chiseled jawline, a bionic eye, a dazzling blue cloak, and a bow and arrow. Not even Legolas could deny his charm and charisma. 

Sova is another utility-focused agent, similar to Viper. His abilities play to his team’s strength, tracking, finding, and scouting out opponents. His ruthless efficiency and precision make him another exciting addition to the game.

In Riot’s gameplay teaser video, Sova deploys his Owl Drone, firing a dart and catching out an enemy. He then waits for Jett to take them out with a quick burst of her assault rifle before he moves in.

Sova is left alone in a one-vs-two situation, but he doesn’t give up hope. He pre-aims with his sniper rifle and finds a kill before immediately whipping out his Recon Bolt. He then uncovers his last opponent hiding behind the bombsite and quickly drags his crosshair to her head, pulling the trigger and securing the wallbang for the clutch. 

Sova might look like a supportive agent, and he is in one respect, but he also has the potential to deal a considerable amount of damage. 

His two remaining abilities that weren’t featured in the highlight clip are damage focused. Shock Bolt fires an explosive bolt that emits a damaging pulse of static energy upon impact. Hunter’s Fury, his ultimate ability, fires up to three deadly energy blasts that spear across the entire map, dealing heavy damage to enemies.

VALORANT is expected to release this summer with the closed beta due in the coming months.