Riot responds to game-breaking VALORANT bug that allows Jett to see Reyna while flashed

"We will definitely take a look."

Image via Riot Games

It seems VALORANT’s new agent is already causing some trouble.

VALORANT dev Orcanex addressed a game-breaking glitch today that allows Jett to see Reyna while flashed, claiming that devs will “definitely take a look.” An odd interaction with smoke abilities appears to be the culprit.

Two VALORANT players jumped into a custom match to bring light to the bug. If Reyna stands in front of Jett’s smoke after casting Leer, her outline is still visible to the enemy. Despite everything turning a light shade of purple, Jett’s smoke is still gray. Reyna’s outline, however, remains purple in front of the smoke and the contrast allows Jett to see her adversary.

Dot Esports tested this bug out using another smoke-wielding agent, Brimstone, and found similar results.

Screengrab via Riot Games

This is clearly problematic because a player can easily prioritize killing the enemy Reyna over destroying the grotesque eye. And Reyna’s allies are likely also visible when standing in front of the smoke.

Since Reyna is a new agent, Riot is likely still figuring out how her animations interact with other agents in the tactical shooter. VALORANT’s official launch was yesterday, which yielded a slew of other issues, like server troubles, missing VALORANT Points (VP), and battle pass rewards not being handed out.

These issues will likely diminish before VALORANT’s ranked mode is released.