VALORANT players are reporting issues with battle pass and mission rewards

The issue should be addressed soon.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT is finally available for all players to enjoy. But some fans are reporting issues with mission and battle pass rewards not being available after they’re unlocked. 

A player uploaded a clip earlier today of them showing the rewards they’ve unlocked by playing the game, but most of them are unavailable to equip. The player showed various player cards, gun buddies, and sprays that they unlocked, but they’re still locked when they try to select the items. 

The issue seems to be impacting several mission rewards as well as battle pass rewards. Other players said their battle pass rewards aren’t available after completing the corresponding tier. Some players reported that none of their items are unlocking past a certain level and that they’re missing several different cosmetics. 

Another issue players are running into is their missions being reset after every match. They’re reportedly making progress with their challenges but seem to be stuck in a never-ending loop. 

VALORANT was fully released around the world today, so the issue might be caused by the massive number of players playing the game for the first time. Server lag may be causing a delay in the items being available, so players should check back in a few hours to see if the items are still locked. 

It might be best to save your money and in-game currency until the issue is resolved to avoid any problems with items not being available. 

If this is a widespread issue, Riot Games will likely release a hotfix or quick update to address the problem. 

Update June 2 2:29pm CT: Riot said “we have heard you regarding the Battle Pass not granting what you have earned. We’ve fixed this moving forward and are looking into retroactively granting the missed rewards to accounts that have yet to get it.”

The company also said it’s “aware of issues with players not being able to earn rewards from the Battle Pass. We have fixed this moving forward for everywhere but APAC. Next we’ll move on to getting you back what you should have earned by now.”