Riot releases 4 new teaser images centered around VALORANT’s next agent

"Who is she?"

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games accidentally released a webpage yesterday featuring details surrounding the next agent to join VALORANT‘s diverse roster. And today, the company released four new teaser images with the tagline, “Wer ist sie?”

Many people consider these leaks to be a confirmation that Killjoy is going to be the next agent hitting the battlefield. “Wer ist sie” means “who is she” in German, which corroborates reports that the next agent would be a female German tech.

Each teaser image showcases one of the agent’s leaked abilities as well. The first picture looks like the icon for either her Nanoswarm Grenade ability, while the second picture is a close-up look at her deployable turret. The third image is another close-up, but this time it’s of her deployable Alarmbot.

The Alarmbot will reportedly act similar to Raze’s Boombot. But instead of rolling forward in a direction until it detects an enemy, it’ll be deployed in a certain area and remain stationary until it detects an enemy. It will then hop toward the enemy and explode. Another big difference between the bots is that Killjoy’s Alarmbot can be recalled.

The final image is a look at Killjoy’s hands, which are mostly covered with gloves, except for her ring finger and pinky. The blue device on her left wrist is where she chooses which ability to activate.

Killjoy hasn’t been confirmed by Riot yet, but there have been many Easter eggs scattered around the map Split. It’s unknown when the new agent will be released, but VALORANT‘s second act is set to drop on Tuesday, Aug. 4. That means fans might get some answers in the next week.