Riot re-enables Yoru in VALORANT after fixing exploit

Yoru is available again.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has enabled Yoru again after fixing an exploit that allowed him to teleport out of the play area. 

Last week, players discovered several spots where Yoru could exit the play area with his teleport ability. One of the spots was the pyramids on A site on Breeze, where players could plant the spike and shoot at enemies. Another Yoru player could teleport into the pyramid to defuse the spike, but it still created a massive problem. 

Breeze was also recently added to the competitive queue, and this bug made it easy for players to easily win rounds. 

Another player found a spot where Yoru’s teleport could be sent through the barrier and wall of A Showers on Bind. Players could instantly teleport as the round started and surprise the attacking team. 

To prevent players from abusing this bug, Riot disabled Yoru while they worked on a fix. This was terrible news for Yoru players, but it was a small price to pay to maintain competitive integrity. Fortunately, Yoru is back in VALORANT and the exploit allowing to teleport outside of the play area has been resolved.  

The Agent abilities have caused issues since VALORANT was released, but Riot typically resolves the problems fast. Omen players were previously able to break the barriers in several areas and teleport into walls. Thankfully, Yoru was fixed before the issue became a substantial problem. 

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