Game-breaking VALORANT exploit lets Yoru teleport inside Breeze’s Pyramids to shoot enemies and plant Spike

Uh oh.

Image via Riot Games

It appears Yoru finally got a buff that makes him viable.

VALORANT players are reporting a game-breaking exploit where Yoru can teleport inside of Breeze’s A Site Pyramids and plant the Spike. The walls of the pyramid can also be shot through, letting Yoru hit enemies that get close. Dot Esports tested this bug out and was able to reproduce it easily.

VALORANT bug catcher TPAXTOP posted a video yesterday detailing exactly how to reproduce the bug. All Yorus need to do is stare at a specific point on the pipes that connect both pyramids. Players can then cast Gatecrash under the pipe connectors to launch the tether inside the pyramid. You can then simply reactivate Gatecrash, placing you inside the structure where you can see out, plant the Spike, and shoot at enemies. And it’ll work for either pyramid.

This exploit clearly violates competitive integrity. While being able to kill enemies through a wall is bad enough, only another Yoru would be able to defuse a Spike that’s planted inside the pyramid. And since Breeze just hit ranked queues earlier this week, players can use the exploit to climb the ranked ladder.

This wouldn’t be the first time a VALORANT agent caused problems for Riot, though. Players discovered a way for Omen to teleport inside of Haven’s C Site loading crate to plant the Spike. While Omen could still be shot through the walls and killed, it was impossible for players to defuse the Spike unless they also had an Omen on the team.

Riot hasn’t addressed the exploit yet, but the devs will likely patch it out immediately.

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