Riot makes one crucial change to Gekko in VALORANT Patch 6.08

Wingman can't be sneaky anymore, hopefully.

Screengrab via Riot Games

VALORANT is set to pull the curtains off a new competitive frame—Episode Six, Act Three—via Patch 6.08 on April 25. Much to the community’s relief, the update will incorporate an influential change to Gekko’s Wingman, making it easier to hear the Pikachu lookalike plant or defuse the Spike in chaotic situations. 

Riot Games noted the sound cues for when Wingman is planting or defusing the Spike have gone unnoticed in some frenzied combat scenarios, calling for a much-needed change to the adorable creature’s audio stats. 

As per VALORANT’s Patch 6.08 notes, Wingman’s (Q) plant and defuse audio are going to receive improvements to help the cues stand out. This should help players read the enemy Gekko’s plan a bit more clearly and prevent an unfair “ninja” Spike defuse with Wingman in hectic rounds.

Image via Riot Games

With Gekko’s introduction in Episode Six, Act Two, fans were ecstatic to welcome a unique ability, which finally diminished an age-old VALORANT dilemma—Who plants the Spike? Besides sparking creative strategies, Wingman’s ability to defuse and plant the Spike has, so far, saved countless, seemingly unwinnable rounds for players. 

The inability to hear Wingman on the Spike can become an unfair deciding factor for rounds in VALORANT. For example, Gekko’s Wingman can continue to defuse the Spike after his death, provided at least one of his teammates is alive. The same applies to when Wingman is sent to activate the Spike.  

In a one-vs-one scenario, the Wingman can be sent to plant the Spike and take control of an off-angle, giving Gekko an advantage. If the audio cue isn’t clear enough for the opponent to figure out who’s planting the Spike—Gekko or his Wingman, they will have a hard time decoding the strategy. Thankfully, players shouldn’t have to worry about not hearing Wingman tamper with the bomb anymore.

In addition to Gekko’s subtle, yet influential tweak, VALORANT’s Patch 6.08 is set to bring multiple changes to Killjoy’s kit, introduce the reworked Bind map to the competitive queue, and more. 

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