Riot investigating a fix for micro-stutters in VALORANT matches, says it’s a “top priority”

A fix should be deployed soon.

Image via Riot Games

It appears yesterday’s VALORANT stability patch wasn’t so stable.

Riot deployed a hotfix yesterday in all regions to address several issues, including an audio bug on Icebox and map loading screens not loading properly. But it seems the mini-patch may have caused another problem with micro-stuttering, especially during combat.

After yesterday’s patch, many fans reported micro-stutters when being headshot or killed. Even though the spike only lasted for half a second, it was enough to adversely impact matchmaking.

Riot said it’s aware of the issue and labeled it a “top priority.” Since micro-stuttering can severely affect the player experience, Riot will likely have a fix ready as soon as possible.

VALORANT launched Act III, which includes a new map, battle pass, and skin line, earlier this week. But several bugs slipped through, including an exploit that allows Omen to teleport under Icebox’s Kitchen.