Riot to hotfix VALORANT micro-stutters “later this week”

The devs are “investigating solutions and working to resolve it as soon as possible.”

Image via Riot Games

Last week’s mini-patch has taken a toll on VALORANT, leading to micro-stuttering and unexplainable lag.

Riot has been “well aware” of the issue for some days now and has scheduled a hotfix for “later this week” that should address the “hitching problems” that some players are experiencing. 

Players across all divisions, from Iron to Radiant, have complained of micro-stutters when being headshot or killed. This appears to occur randomly throughout the game, but it’s more prominent during combat. 

The hotfix, according to Riot, won’t “solve every instance of the issue,” but the developers are “investigating solutions and working to resolve it as soon as possible.” 

The bug coincided with the launch of VALORANT’s frozen map, Icebox, leading up to the release of the game’s latest agent Skye on Tuesday, Oct. 27.

Another bug that some players have reported over the course of the last month has caused lag when walking over dead bodies. It’s unclear if Riot will address this in the hotfix, but it could be in the developers’ crosshairs.