Riot fixes Reyna exploit and re-enables Haven for VALORANT’s competitive queues

Well, that was quick.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT game director Joe Ziegler informed fans today that the Haven exploit was fixed and the map should be available for ranked queues.

The map was disabled yesterday after players discovered they could use Reyna to go through the platform on C-site and plant the Spike.

“We fixed the issue last night and have re-enabled Haven for the competitive queue,” Ziegler said. “It should be back in the rotation now.”

The pesky Reyna exploit kicked in when using her Dismiss (E) ability, which makes her invulnerable to enemy fire. Players found that by using Dismiss and crouching near the platform, players could sneak into the crawl space and plant the Spike. This made it virtually impossible for the defending team to defuse the Spike because only a Reyna could go in or out.

With the issue resolved, Haven is back in the four-map rotation for competitive queues.

But this isn’t the only VALORANT exploit that’s circulating. Another player discovered that Omen can see where the enemy Cypher places his trapwires and camera. Omens can do this by going into the “phaser” world to cast smokes and looking for faint glimmers of the utility skills.

It’s unclear if this is on Riot’s radar or if there are plans to hotfix it.