VALORANT player discovers exploit that allows Omen to see Cypher’s traps and camera in Buy Phase

You can also see when utility abilities are used during the round.

Image via Riot Games

It appears Cypher isn’t the only agent with stellar reconnaissance skills.

A VALORANT player found an exploit that allows Omen to see Cypher’s utility abilities being placed, posting a video today. While it’s subtle, the intel this offers an Omen and their team can adversely affect matchmaking.

Omen was given the ability to enter a “phaser” world when using Dark Cover in Patch 1.0, allowing him to see through walls to place his smokes. But it appears that the phaser world lets him see a bit too much.

When Cypher places his trapwires or camera, they briefly glimmer before going “invisible.” That split-second of shining is visible to Omen when he’s in the phaser world. This is especially beneficial during the Buy Phase, when Cyphers usually place their traps and set up for the round. An Omen could simply keep their phaser world open and be on the lookout for glimmers that may indicate Cypher’s utility abilities.

While this is intelligence an enemy team shouldn’t have, it might be difficult to actually catch Cypher doing it. An Omen would have to guess where Cypher is and look in that area for any potentially glimmers.

It’s unclear if this is on Riot’s radar, but the developers will likely patch it out as soon as possible.

Another game-breaking bug was discovered yesterday that allows Reyna to go through Haven’s platform and plant the Spike. The exploit was deemed too overpowered and Riot disabled the map from competitive queues while it works on a fix.