Riot disables Haven map in competitive queue due to Reyna exploit

Another exploit on Haven has forced it out of the queue for a little bit.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has disabled Haven from the VALORANT competitive queue’s map pool after being made aware of an exploit that utilized Reyna’s abilities to break the game. 

On C Site, players using Reyna could use her Dismiss ability to clip through some platforms near the back of the map. This allows her to essentially vanish from the site underneath the map, where she can then freely plant the bomb and get away with what is essentially a free round. 

Unlike other exploits that have already been patched out, this Reyna glitch requires some very specific circumstances to work, though it isn’t impossible to replicate. 

The Reyna player must be carrying the bomb onto C Site and kill an enemy while near the boxes to the left side of the area. Then she can use Dismiss to become intangible, clip through the elevator, and get to the “safe room.”

Riot actually disabled Haven on Ranked four hours before making the announcement, but the exploit will be patched out overnight. 

“We were made aware of an exploit on Haven and disabled it in the competitive queue while we ship a fix overnight,” Riot said. “It’ll come back into the rotation as soon as we’re confident it’s fixed.”

This exploit has been around for about a week with Reyna, and even before that Omen was able to teleport into that same area using his From the Shadows teleportation ability in the beta.

Update July 1 12:57pm CT: Game director Joe Ziegler announced today that Riot “fixed the issue last night and have re-enabled Haven for the competitive queue. It should be back in the rotation now.”