Riot doesn’t have an ETA for in-game VALORANT leaderboards

Riot is working on it for Act III, though.

Image via Riot Games

The ranked ladder has always been one of the most important areas for game developers to work on. Although Riot Games has implemented a ranked mode for VALORANT players, game director Joe Ziegler confirmed today that the company doesn’t have a set date for when the ranked leaderboards will be available in-game.

Ever since ranked was introduced to the game, players have been looking for a way to track their progress on the ranked ladder by comparing themselves to the rest of the pack. It’s one of the best ways to incentivize people to grind since they’ll want to beat out certain people in their games.

League of Legends, for example, uses a ranked leaderboard to show people where they stand among the millions of players across their region. At the highest tiers of play, the leaderboard is the best way to push the most talented players to win or strive to reach the top 100.

In fact, Riot released VALORANT’s top 100 leaderboards for both Europe and North America today. There were plenty of popular faces at the top, but there are also some lesser-known people who are making the climb. By actually seeing where they are among the best, it could push them to grind even more for a top position.

Being able to see the top of the leaderboard in both regions is also useful for pro teams since they can start scouting for new talent at this level of play. There are plenty of unknown, raw talents who haven’t been given the opportunity to shine since they aren’t seen at all.

Riot did say that in-game leaderboards will be arriving in VALORANT’s third act, but fans likely don’t want to wait too much longer.