Riot adds tactical voice over in VALORANT Patch 2.04

It's a pretty neat update.

Image via Riot Games

Have you ever dealt with a teammate that simply cannot find their push-to-talk key? VALORANT may have a partial solution in Patch 2.04.

Tactical voice over will be added to the game to increase communication through updated agent VOs that automatically play during the round.

Lines like “Spike spotted” or “enemies spotted” will now tell you what “super region” the enemies or Spike has been spotted in. It won’t give exact callouts and isn’t meant to replace voice chat, but it’ll give players a better idea of what’s happening in the round.

You’ll be able to toggle the updated messages to appear in the chat box. The updated lines won’t be available in any of the modes, and they can also be turned off entirely. The options will be available in the Accessibility section of the menus.

There are all sorts of reasons to increase the amount of information players receive during a round. Toxicity is a problem in online games, and sometimes players can get stuck between wanting to mute rude people but missing out on the callouts and information they sometimes give during the game. These updated lines could help improve player experience in that manner.

Beyond toxicity, sometimes players just don’t use their mics or don’t have one. This new function will help give everyone accurate information from their teammates’ perspectives, no matter what their mic situation is.

The updated agent lines will ship with VALORANT‘s Patch 2.04.

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