Raze has the lowest win rate in almost every VALORANT division


Image via Riot Games

Raze is generally considered one of the strongest solo agents in VALORANT. But the stats tell a different story.

She frequently appears on the top end of tier lists, and despite having a small presence in pro play, regularly receives high praise from some of the biggest names in the scene. 100 Thieves’ Hiko, for instance, recently put Raze in his A tier ahead of agents like Brimstone, Phoenix, and Reyna.

When it comes down to VALORANT’s competitive mode, though, Raze is consistently the worst performing agent in the game, according to stats site Blitz.gg. All the way from Iron one (the lowest rank) to Radiant (the highest rank), she sits at the bottom of the tables.

The only exceptions to this are in Iron two, Iron three, Bronze two, and Immortal three. In every other tier, she’s dead last in the standings with below a 49 percent win ratio.

Raze is also one of the most played agents in the game. Only Sage, Reyna, and in some tiers, Jett, beat her on this front.

But what makes her such a poor agent? Despite her raw damage output, Raze has absolutely no utility. Jett and Reyna are similar on this front, but Jett can at least fall back on her short-duration Cloudburst and Reyna on her Leer.

Raze is a selfish agent that attracts selfish players. Under the right conditions, she can most certainly top frag and hold or take a site. But from a teamplay perspective, she’s severely lacking.

She’s fun and she rewards creativity, though. Bouncing off a Blast Pack, throwing a stray Cluster Grenade, deploying a Boom Bot, or flying through the air with her Showstopper can lead to some awe-inspiring moments. But in terms of winning rounds and, ultimately, the game, her kit leaves much to be desired.

It’s unclear if Riot will buff her in a future patch, but for now, Raze players will have to make do.