Potential VALORANT Ruination skin reminiscent of League’s Viego teased in Episode 3 trailer

And it's badass.

Screengrab via Riot Games

VALORANT and League of Legends may finally be getting the crossover that fans have been asking for.

Riot released an Episode Three: Reflection trailer today, initially on the VALORANT Vietnam YouTube channel, kicking off the new season with some help from a few content creators. And there appears to be a new Guardian skin previewed that may have ties to a potential League Ruination event, which would give Ruined King Viego some influence in the world of VALORANT.

Upcoming agent KAY/O uses the Bucky to wipe out three enemies before picking up a Guardian skin that uses the same green and black hues as League champ Viego. After taking out Reyna, the final opponent, she’s seemingly reincarnated as a ghost of herself with a crown hovering over her head. This is likely the finisher for the skin that pays homage to Viego, the ruler of a long-lost kingdom who triggered the deadly Ruination catastrophe when trying to revive his deceased wife.

Riot released a web puzzle yesterday that, when solved, showcased a Sentinels of Light wallpaper. This likely hinted at a new League champ and event that will run from July 8 to Aug. 10. Under the Sentinels of Light headline is the logo of every Riot title, hinting that the Ruination event will spread to the company’s other games.

Riot has yet to confirm any of this information. But with VALORANT‘s Episode Three going live today, we may get a first look at the new skins soon.

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