How to solve League’s Sentinels of Light web puzzle: A guide

Solving the puzzle potentially hints at a new event and champ.

Image via Riot Games

Riot teased upcoming League of Legends content today with a web puzzle featuring Viego. And it didn’t take long for it to be solved.

The League community quickly solved the riddle, posting their findings on Reddit today. After a few inputs, fans can view and download a Sentinels of Light wallpaper that likely hints at an upcoming event and champion.

Image via Riot Games

Here’s how to solve the web puzzle.

  1. Click the teary-eyed Viego’s hand on the ripped portrait to the left of the image.
  2. A golden music box then pops up to play a tune. Once it finishes, type ->8->8->8->8 in the text box that appears. This code was initially hidden in Gwen’s champion biography, only visible for readers who highlight the characters.
  3. A “welcome sentinel” text box then appears. Type Akshan and hit enter to complete the puzzle and view a Sentinels of Light image that seemingly hints at upcoming skins and a new champ.

The web puzzle likely teases an upcoming Ruination event that will run from July 8 to Aug. 10. The artwork is titled “Sentinels of Light,” which will likely be the event’s name. It’s unclear if this event will also extend to VALORANT, Legends of Runeterra, or Teamfight Tactics, but the logo for those titles is placed under the event’s dates.

The image also features what looks like new sentinel-themed skins and an upcoming champ. Savvy players even discovered a message when inspecting the page’s source code during the ruin countdown that reads: “To the Sentinels— In the event of my death, I appoint Akshan as my successor, to inherit my weapon and keep Shurima protected from the forces of undeath. May you one day find us, Shadya.” Akshan will potentially be League’s next champ who will fight Viego alongside Lucian, Senna, and the other sentinels, putting an end to the Ruined King story arc.

Riot has yet to confirm any of this information.

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