Omen can jump over Sage wall by combining his Paranoia ability with a jump

Will this be the next interaction to get patched out of VALORANT?

Image via Riot Games

Omen can be one of the slipperiest agents to deal with in VALORANT, but now Sage players have to worry about him hopping over her barrier by combining a well-timed jump with his Paranoia ability.

Not many agents can jump over a Sage wall, unless they use Jett’s Updraft, Raze’s Blast Pack, or Sage boosts herself over with her own barrier orb. Although Omen can also teleport himself on top of the wall with his Shrouded Step, not many people knew that his Paranoia also gave him a jump boost as well.

By running up close to a Sage wall, activating Paranoia, and jumping around half a second after it starts to channel, Omen can jump on top easily. All it takes is finding the perfect timing to jump when Paranoia is activated. It isn’t too hard, but players can fail this if they jump too early or too late into the channel.

Omen mains are pretty happy about the discovery—many players believe that Paranoia isn’t a great ability to begin with, since it’s easily dodged by enemies. If the ability is able to give the agent a small boost in his jump to reposition or find unique angles, then they won’t complain.

With this addition, Omen can now add to the plethora of tricks he has to flank enemy players and surprise the opposing team. There are, however, many other people who are on the fence about letting this interaction remain without getting patched.

This interaction isn’t something that the ability should give, since it is a vision-denying ability—Omen already has plenty of mobility with his Shrouded Step and ultimate ability, From the Shadows. Riot Games has been pretty good so far about acknowledging community issues and complaints, so we could see a change to the ability soon.