Jett player discovers 3 glitched spots in VALORANT

These areas will likely be removed in a future update.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players have found several glitches throughout the last few days by using various agent abilities. Sova’s drone can boost players on top of objects, and Cypher’s Spy Cam can be placed on a weapon in the air. Jett players have also found a few glitch spots by using her abilities to launch themselves in the air. 

A player highlighted three different spots on Haven where Jett can reach areas that were likely unintended. Players can use Jett’s abilities to reach an elevated position in A short to get the drop on attacking players. The gun model continues to shake as if Jett is in the air, but the player confirmed they still had 100-percent weapon accuracy. 

Defending players can also use Jett’s abilities to reach a high corner just outside of B site. This position is slightly more expensive as it does require Jett’s Updraft and Dash abilities to reach it, but it can be used to stop an enemy attack. This spot only works with Jett’s ultimate ability as the character will continue to shake and will be inaccurate with regular weapons, unlike the area above A short. 

The player showed one more position above the entrance to C long on C site. This position can be reached solely by using Jett’s abilities or using Sage’s Wall as a boost. Players will slightly glitch into the wall in this position and have a decent view of C long. This spot also requires Jett’s ultimate ability to engage enemies accurately. 

These positions are likely situational spots that will only win a few rounds. Attacking teams may hear players attempting to reach these areas, and they will check the spot the next round if it works correctly. 

Riot Games will likely remove these areas in a future update as they do not appear intentional.