VALORANT player discovers floating Cypher Spy Cam glitch

Look out for floating cameras.

Image via Riot Games

Cypher’s Spy Cam is a useful tool to gather information on enemy movement. Players can deploy the camera in a hidden spot to secretly monitor an area without being in harm’s way. But recently a VALORANT player discovered a new way to deploy the camera by placing it on a weapon while it is in the air. 

The player and their teammate showed how to perform the bug in a short clip. Players just need a teammate to toss their weapon into the air and quickly deploy their camera while the gun is airborne. If performed correctly, Cypher’s Spy Cam will be placed in the air and is fully functional. 

Normally the camera must be deployed on a solid surface for it to work, but the glitch appears to trick the game. It registers the weapon as a surface and allows the camera to be deployed anywhere. In theory, the bug could be reproduced anywhere and on any map, which is potentially a significant problem. 

Cypher’s cam can mark enemies as with a tracking dart and can stall attackers if used correctly. Being able to place the camera anywhere in the air will make it more difficult for enemies to find and destroy the camera. Most players will also not expect the camera to be floating and could potentially miss the object in the air. 

This is likely a bug as it makes Cypher’s Spy Cam ability unbalanced and slightly overpowered in the right hands. Riot Games has not addressed the bug yet, but the developer will likely remove the exploit in a future update.