New VALORANT bug allows players to boost themselves with Sova’s drone

Sova is stronger than ever.

Image via Riot Games

Some agents in VALORANT have abilities that allow them to reach places by boosting themselves into the air or teleporting. Other agents can’t perform the same maneuvers with their abilities but have different ways of surprising or engaging enemies. But a new exploit allows Sova to boost himself into previously unreachable places with his drone. 

Sova’s Owl Drone is an excellent tool that allows players to gain information before pushing into a site. It can also mark enemies with a tracking dart to help Sova keep track of their movements. The latest VALORANT patch seems to have added an unintentional use for the drone, though, since players can now boost themselves onto various objects. 

A player uploaded a clip explaining how to perform the exploit, which is easy to recreate. Players just need to deploy Sova’s drone into a corner of a surface while holding W to move forward. If performed correctly, the player will be on top of the drone and carried to the top of the object. 

The exploit appears to work on every map and in multiple locations. It doesn’t work on flat surfaces, though, since the drone must be deployed into a corner. It’s unclear how high the drone can carry Sova, but the player did say they managed to get high enough to take fall damage at one point. 

Another player uploaded a video of them using the exploit in matches and showing just how effective it can be. They quickly eliminated enemies who didn’t expect Sova in various locations and used the bug to reposition when opponents pushed a site. 

This bug allows Sova to access places previously exclusive to other agents such as Jett and Raze. Sova can now gather information for his team and also engage the enemy from unexpected places. Seasoned players won’t expect a Sova on top of various objects since he shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Sova’s drone has been the source of several bugs since the launch of Patch 1.11 at the end of October. Players recently found several locations where the drone could be deployed out of bounds and provide information on enemy locations without risk. A Riot developer confirmed that the company is aware of the issue and working on addressing it in an upcoming patch.

Professional VALORANT player Mixwell experienced a similar bug yesterday that allowed his teammate to ride the drone. His teammate didn’t intend to ride the drone and ultimately died, which means this bug could ruin rounds.