VALORANT player discovers several locations where Sova’s Drone can get under the map

Riot is aware of the issue.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players have experienced dozens of glitches since the game launched earlier this year. Most have been minor issues, while others were game-breaking problems that Riot Games quickly fixed.

But one VALORANT player recently found a new widespread issue. There are several spots on almost all maps that allow Sova’s Drone to go out of bounds. 

The player uploaded a clip earlier today, highlighting eight locations where Sova’s Drone could be deployed out of bounds and provide intel on enemy movements without being detected. The Drone can fly underneath A site and Mid on Haven, which is useful for attacking and defending players in multiple situations. 

There are six other spots across Bind and Ascent that allow Sova’s Drone to fly under the map without being detected. Every spot can reveal enemy locations to a team and allow them to plan accordingly before attacking.

It’s unclear how far the drone can maneuver around the map, but it still provides an unfair advantage. Sova players will have no issue using these glitched spots since they simply need to deploy their drone while facing the wall. 

Riot developer Rycoux commented on the video and confirmed that the team will look into fixing these spots in the next patch. The clip only highlights eight locations where the drone can exit the map, but there are likely more scattered across other maps. Riot will need to try to fix the issue entirely to prevent drones from revealing enemy locations without being seen.