Incredible VALORANT play from Zoomer Academy leaves casters dumbfounded

"Who else makes this play other than Zoomer heckin' Academy?"

Image via Riot Games

The best VALORANT play of the day yesterday may not have come from the VCT Masters at all.

In the round of 16 of the Vanguard Championship Series, a smaller North American event with a $1,000 prize pool, the team Zoomer Academy showed their smarts and ingenuity with a genius play.

Up 11-7 on Ascent, the defending Zoomer Academy players stacked the A-site and shut down the site rush before it even started. Omen smoked off the A lobby wall while Sova launched a recon arrow from all the way back in Heaven. With Reyna taking out the enemy recon arrow, Jett dashed on top of the smoked-off wall right as his ally’s recon arrow hit.

This revealed four out of the five enemy players stacked up, who all fell to Jett and Reyna without them even knowing where their enemy was. With no regard for their adversaries, Jett updrafted and switched to the Classic pistol for the final frag on Killjoy. The highlight left casters V1nson and DillyG absolutely astounded.

This play was designed by Kevin “Lelicious” Le, a former VALORANT coach for Mamba Mode Gaming who’s been coaching Zoomer Academy since January. He’ll be coaching the Moon Raccoons Black women’s team in the VCT Game Changers qualifiers.

Lelicious credits the prolific Tyson “TenZ” Ngo as the inspiration for this play—and it shows since it’s designed for a deadly Jett player to mop up kills using their mobility. Many fans have their fingers crossed that they might get to see Sentinels use it in their VCT Masters match against FaZe Clan.

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