Hiko says a solo/duo queue system could fix VALORANT’s matchmaking

Not everyone's friends are in the beta after all.

Photo via DreamHack

Hiko, one of the oldest names in the North American CS:GO scene, recently discussed on stream how Riot Games could improve VALORANT matchmaking and make it more enjoyable for solo players.

After reading a comment from a subscriber who said he was playing a bunch of solo queue but losing a lot, Hiko explained why that’s the case with VALORANT.

“I will say it’s a little annoying that you can queue solo in this game and play against parties of three, four or five,” Hiko said. He also mentioned that it’s an equally bad situation to have a squad of four on your team while playing solo since most parties use third-party programs, like Discord, to communicate and don’t use in-game comms.

Hiko said that these problems aren’t exclusive to VALORANT, however, and most tactical shooters like CS:GO have the same issues. “There’s never been a fix to it,” Hiko said.

A solo/duo queue, like in League of Legends, combined with a dedicated five-men queue could be one of the most feasible solutions to this problem, according to Hiko. Hiko’s solution doesn’t include parties of three and four, however.

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Hiko isn’t the only streamer who’s unhappy with the current state of VALORANT’s matchmaking. Professional CS:GO player dev1ce also shared his opinions in a recent tweet and explained how five-man teams in ranked were hurting the experience of others. He said the number of cheaters in the higher ranks of the ladder is concerning and he’s irritated by how openly blatant the hackers’ cheats are.

A hitbox bug that caused headshots not to register was also recently reported. Riot was quick to acknowledge it, though, and said it’s working on an urgent fix.

While problems like these could be considered normal for a game in beta, they may negatively impact VALORANT’s reputation if they remain unaddressed for a long time. Riot also confirmed that it was hard at work to fix the cheating problem and issued a bounty for anyone who could find an exploit in the game.

VALORANT’s full release is planned to happen this summer, so there’s still plenty of time for Riot to iron out all the inconveniences before then.