Riot Games will give you $100,000 if you find exploits in VALORANT

Get to it.

Image via Riot Games

Do you see yourself as a prominent hacker? Or someone good at cracking code? Well, Riot Games has a proposition for you for its latest game VALORANT.

In an effort to make its new first-person shooter as perfect as possible, Riot is offering hackers or anyone who finds exploits for its anti-cheat system a large sum of money—up to $100,000—for finding and reporting these exploits directly to the team.

By heading over to HackerOne, a website companies use to offer cash incentives for anyone able to find security issues in their products, you can see the bounty that Riot has placed on its own game to “protect our players and their data” from any issues currently in the game.

Riot has given a host of examples as to what exactly it is looking for in the bounty to make Vanguard, its new anti-cheat system, the best out there while the developer looks ahead to the official summer release of the game.

The bounty follows the announcement of Paul Chamberlain, the programmer and anti-cheat lead on VALORANT, a week ago that cheaters are already finding ways to exploit the game, so we imagine there’s still a bit of work to do to make VALORANT cheat-proof.