Here’s what VALORANT agents Luminosity like to run

Find out Luminosity's favorite agent lineups.

Screengrab via Luminosity

Luminosity Gaming has emerged as a prominent fixture in the North American VALORANT scene.

Since adding Diondre "YaBoiDre" Bond and Kaleb "moose" Jayne as trial players before eventually signing them to full-time slots, they’ve been playing some of their best VALORANT as of late.

LG have defeated an impressive list of names during their Challengers run: Sentinels, Team Envy, 100 Thieves, TSM, and most recently Immortals at Masters. They’ve done this primarily using this composition of agents.

YaBoiDre on Omen (but more Jett incoming)

It wouldn’t be a typical pro team agent composition without the shadowy controller Omen. Enough has been said about the use and utility he provides with smoke cover to any spot on the map and abilities that fit with an aggressive or lurking style. Dre’s Omen play has been pivotal to several LG wins, especially their 2-0 victory against TSM in Challengers Three.

YaBoiDre will also use Raze on occasion. But going forward, he’s keen on using Jett more often. One thing that’s separated LG from other North American compositions, like Sentinels or FaZe Clan, is a lack of a high-impact Jett player. Dre debuted Jett in a pivotal map against Immortals in the Masters lower bracket and had an MVP performance on Haven to put Luminosity back in the series. He’s said he plans to play more Jett, on other maps as well, in the future.

Thief on Reyna and Raze

With YaBoiDre taking on more of the duelist role in the near future, this means there's a chance for him and Brady "thief" Dever to establish themselves as a dynamic duo in NA. While thief has gotten his hands on every duelist over the past few months, he's primarily focused on the duo of Reyna and Raze during Challengers, namely Reyna. He had an equally impressive game during YaBoiDre's Jett debut, posting a nice 264 ACS on Haven.

While Reyna's nerfs from the 2.03 update have lowered her pick rates slightly, she's still a popular pick for precise aimers. Even though Devour charges max out at four instead of two and costs more, they're still great abilities from players who excel at getting first kills—and thief certainly fits that bill. And with his proficiency on all four duelists, thief provides a ton of versatility to LG's agent selection process.

Aproto on Cypher and some Killjoy

Luminosity's primary Sentinel utility comes from Alex "aproto" Protopapas on Cypher. Cypher has become a necessary pick for nearly every North American roster. His ability kit provides a ton of utility-based defense for holding sites and attackers can use him to slow or shut down both retakes and lurks.

Aproto's utility usage allows him to sit at the top of the Luminosity scoreboard when it comes to assists. But he's also capable of producing excellent fragging output, most recently in LG's Split win over Sentinels at Masters and in their Challengers victory over TSM. His proficiency with Killjoy on Icebox, which he showcased against TSM, allows LG to keep their map pool from becoming narrow.

Stellar on Sage with some Omen and Phoenix

Brenden "stellar" McGrath has a fascinatingly diverse lineup of agents to play. He'll typically take on a sentinel role as Sage but can also jump in on both Omen and Phoenix. With YaBoiDre likely to play less Omen and more Jett in the future, we'll surely see stellar on more Omen.

That shouldn't carve too much into stellar's usage of Sage, who's seen a return to prominence at Masters compared to First Strike with more teams using her on both Split and Icebox. On Icebox specifically, her walls and slow orbs are pivotal to taking and holding the bombsite on both attack and defense.

Moose on Sova

Much like Omen and Cypher, Sova is a popular pick among all of the top North American pro teams. His utility lets him deny plants, reveal enemies, and force them out of hiding spots from incredible distance. His recon abilities allow him to become a tremendous ally to his duelist teammates.

Moose has had a few pop-off games, but he's content playing a backseat support role that puts players like YaBoiDre and thief in positions to thrive. So far, it's working since the team pulled off a fantastic comeback against Immortals at Masters.

Their Masters run continues on Friday, March 19 against Team Envy in the lower bracket.

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