The best VALORANT agent comp to run on Haven

Choosing the right agents on Haven can be a bit nuanced, but we've got you covered.

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As the only VALORANT map with three bomb sites, choosing the right agents on Haven can be a bit nuanced. But we’ve got you covered.

Haven is a large map with several entry points for attackers. And if anything goes wrong when pushing one site, teams can easily switch gears and rotate. Defenders need to play patiently and make smart rotations or risk getting caught sleeping. The right agent comp can help squads minimize damage and maximize efficiency.

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We’ll look at the best agent lineups for solo queue, while also taking pro team comps from VCT NA Masters One into consideration. And since Astra’s not quite cemented in the meta yet, we’ll leave her out as a potential pick.

Here’s the best agent comp for Haven.

  • Omen
  • Cypher
  • Sova
  • Raze
  • Phoenix/Reyna/Breach


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Omen is unsurprisingly still the most popular agent in VALORANT, appearing in 100 percent of matches in NA Masters One, according to The mysterious agent is especially effective on Haven because he can smoke for allies no matter where he is on the map. If a teammate hears a push coming on A, Omen can smoke the entrances from C. Alternatively, Omen can fake smoke a site when on attack, confusing the opposing team.

A long, A short, B main, C main, and Garage are all potential ways an opposing squad can breach your team’s defenses. And Omen’s AoE blind, Paranoia, is the perfect counter. If squads bunch up to attack a site, Omen can blind while his team peeks to tap a couple of heads. This is also a great way to open up a site when on attack, allowing your team to get in and set up for the plant.

Shrouded Step, which allows Omen to get to higher vantage points, is great for attacking and defending. If you need to get onto a Garage box for a cheeky angle or overtake A heaven, the ability is perfect. And the agent’s ultimate makes for quick getaways, last-second rotations, and killer flanks for a big map like Haven.


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Cypher is forever the go-to sentinel, especially for the vast terrain of Haven. And he’s just as helpful on attack as he is on defense.

Being able to set and forget traps makes gunplay a lot easier. And the ability to pick them back up is even better. Cypher can control most of the map, leaving a Spycam behind whenever he rotates. And since he has Trapwires and pseudo-smokes from his Cyber Cages, enemies have to always proceed with caution.

Though Killjoy is extremely dominant at holding down one site, that’s risky on Haven. If the attacking team decide to push C while you’re holding A, then you have to pick your traps up and jet. In a similar situation, Cypher could leave his traps in place to defend against a lurker or a rotation. And when attacking, Cypher can easily leave behind traps to protect the flank.

Teams tend to play a lot of mind games on Haven. Whether it’s defaulting for a pick, faking a rotation, or sending it mid, it’s important to know where your opponents are. Cypher’s ultimate is perfect for that, giving you the intel needed to plan your next steps.


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Intel on Haven is key, and there’s no better agent to provide that than Sova.

Using Recon Bolt, Sova can gain early information on a team’s whereabouts when defending. This can help your teammates know where to rotate to and if they can push out to flank. And with a 35-second cooldown, Sova can use it again later on in the round. The ability can be used when attacking to pinpoint where on a site enemies are playing, giving your team a calculated push.

Using Owl Drone to peek through Garage, A short, or down C main is a great way of tagging an unsuspecting opponent. This can also give you vision to ult them with Hunter’s Fury, potentially clipping multiple grouped up enemies.

Haven also has some clear default plant spots on all three sites. When you hear an enemy planting, there’s a good chance you can aim it at a default location (e.g., in front of the big crate on A) and hit true. Same thing can be done when defending against a defuse, giving you plenty of space to ult a target on your spike.


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Despite several nerfs to Raze since VALORANT‘s official launch, she has once again found herself in the meta.

The Baiana is the top-picked duelist at NA Masters One so far, selected 67 percent of the time on Haven, according to And while she sports damaging abilities and no flashes, she still can provide a lot for her team.

Since intel on Haven is key, Cypher and Sova seem like a necessity. But Raze’s Boom Bot can provide some much-needed info, as well. When playing Garage or A short, a well-timed Boom Bot can alert the team of potential intruders. And if it spots nobody, chances are you can safely push out a bit and start a flank.

With plenty of choke points on Haven, Raze’s grenades come in handy. If enemies group up in Garage or going through C main, you can easily pick up a kill or two. The same goes for her Showstopper, which can blow up enemies standing too close to each other.

Good Razes will get the most use out of Blast Packs on Haven, however. Similar to Omen, the Brazilian agent can blast herself onto high vantage points to fool enemies or run to safety.

Phoenix, Reyna, or Breach

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The last agent can definitely be a flex pick, as long as they have a flash.

If you want to run your typical two-duelist comp, Phoenix and Reyna are both good options. They can flash out of Garage or A long to spot enemies and get a pick or two. Phoenix’s ult is excellent for aggressively taking over a site or pushing out when defending. And since there are a lot of corners and cubbies on Haven, Reyna’s ultimate works great for taking one-on-one duels.

For teams who want to leave behind the uber-aggression for more utility, Breach is a stellar option. His three flashes and two potential Fault Lines can initiate an attack or halt an enemy push. And his ultimate can prevent a plant or defuse while giving you free reign to take out concussed targets.

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