LG aproto on YaBoiDre and moose: ‘They just clicked, it was like a puzzle piece that we were missing’

Aproto discussed his new teammates following a big win against Immortals today.

Screengrab via Luminosity

Luminosity Gaming has had incredible success as of late, earning one of eight spots in the the NA VALORANT Champions Tour Masters One. And Alex “aproto” Protopapas believes his two new teammates have something to do with it.

The organization signed Diondre “YaBoiDre” Bond and Kaleb “moose” Jayne in late February after a brief trial period. Luminosity’s been wildly successful with this new roster, beating elite squads like Envy, Sentinels, and 100 Thieves during the VCT Challengers circuit. And aproto says YaBoiDre and moose “brought everything” the team needed.

“They kind of just clicked,” aproto told Dot Esports. “It was like a puzzle piece we were missing and it’s amazing that things were just that good from the get go.”

The 21-year-old believed the old roster “lacked firepower,” explaining that YaBoiDre came in and provided that “easily.” Dre fueled the team to a stunning victory over TSM, earning match MVP and his squad a spot at Masters One. With match high kills at 42 and headshot percentage at 36, the former PUBG pro absolutely dominated.

As for moose, aproto says he’s “fucking nuts now.”

“When we picked him up, he was straight out of Counter Strike, so obviously you’re going to have growing pains,” aproto said. “He’s one of the pros that I’ve seen that’s had one of the biggest growth speeds since he’s been here. And every day I’m just more surprised with how good his Sova’s been and how good he’s been getting at the game.”

Luminosity’s victory over Immortals in today’s Masters One lower bracket has massive implications. For one, it snapped a five-game loss streak against a team that had previously dominated them. But it also keeps them in Masters for one more day.

Aproto and his squad will take on the loser of tomorrow’s Envy and FaZe Clan on March 19. And he does have a preference as to which team he’d rather take on.

“They’re both incredible teams,” he said. “Envy’s style matches up a bit better with ours where I’d be more confident going into that.”

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