Here’s what VALORANT agents 100 Thieves like to run

Here are the First Strike champions' go-to agent comps.

Image via 100 Thieves

After a shaky start to Challengers, the reigning First Strike champions have punched their ticket to the first Masters event of the VALORANT Champions Tour. 100 Thieves secured their spot with a victory over TSM in the lower bracket of Challengers Three but lost in the grand finals to FaZe.

The team is still experimenting with its newest addition in Ethan, who came over from Evil Geniuses’ CS:GO team just prior to their Challengers Three run. With the new addition comes a shift in their agent composition, but nothing too drastic.

Here’s what you’ll typically see in an agent composition from 100 Thieves.

Hiko on Sova

The clutch master himself has been a mainstay on Sova throughout all of 100 Thieves’ initial success so far. Hiko uses Sova’s abilities to put his teammates in positions to make plays and he can rely on them for when he needs to clutch himself.

Sova’s recon and shock arrows are so proficient in Hiko’s hands that he’s still a threat with them when he’s walled or smoked off. On top of his reliable aim and clutch but calm playmaking, he’s been critical to the success of 100 Thieves.

Steel on Cypher/Killjoy

Killjoy’s ultimate is called Lockdown and that’s precisely what steel has been doing for 100T between the two sentinel characters. Cypher has been a popular pick for big-brained in-game leaders in North America, like Envy’s FNS. Smart camera and tripwire placement can completely derail an attacking site play—and steel has shown that off on multiple occasions.

Steel was the first to use Killjoy proficiently back at First Strike. No other team was using her utility to defend sites like he was. Since then, more teams have been using her, but none of them have been competing at steel’s level yet.

Ethan on Omen

The newest addition to 100 Thieves has had a solid VALORANT debut, helping 100T finally reach the Masters stage. With not as much time to prepare and get used to the new game, they handed Ethan the reins to an NA favorite, Omen.

Ethan is already getting good at using Omen’s abilities to play forward and get into smart angles to secure early picks. He had a positive first kill/first death distribution in all six of 100T’s series at Challengers Three and was the lone bright spot for the team in a dismal loss to FaZe.

Nitr0 on Breach/Sage

With the addition of Ethan and him taking on Omen, nitr0 had to spend Challengers Three on a new agent. He chose two, the healer Sage and the entry specialist Breach. He spent more time playing Sage but looked solid on both agents.

Nitr0 broke out the BattleSage on a couple of occasions and it’s easy to see how one of the best aimers can make use of her abilities. He can heal himself and control who peeks him with his slow and wall abilities.

Asuna on Raze

Last but certainly not least, we have 100 Thieves’ lone duelist—an unusual sight compared to the two to three duelist setups we see in North America. For Challengers Three, Asuna stuck with the explosive Raze and was absolutely dominant for 100T with her.

He was typically the primary source of kills for his team during their pivotal wins. With only one duelist agent, that’s a lot of pressure on him to produce. But so far, he hasn’t shrunk in the spotlight.

100 Thieves will be back in action at Masters against Immortals.

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