G2 had sights set on top-tier NA VALORANT talent before Carlos controversy cost them everything

Who knew one video would have such an impact?

Photo by Lance Skundrich/Riot Games

The controversy surrounding G2 Esports owner Carlos Rodriguez and his public appearance with controversial figure Andrew Tate didn’t just cost G2 a partnered VALORANT spot in the VCT 2023 Americas league. It also reportedly cost the XSET players and staff a chance to stay together and compete in the top-tier league for a massive organization.

The G2 organization had “expressed strong interest in acquiring the roster and coaching staff of XSET,” according to a report from The Washington Post’s Mikhail Klimentov. And a source that spoke to Klimentov said that “things seemed good to go” regarding the deal if G2 got into the Americas league.

According to numerous reports and sources, including sources that spoke to Dot Esports, Riot was leaning toward making G2 a partner in the Americas league but the controversy caused by Carlos’ appearance with Tate caused Riot to reverse its decision. Klimentov reported that a formal partner slot was never offered but did report that Riot executives met in Istanbul during Champions 2022 after the situation unfolded, eventually deciding not to pursue giving a partnership slot to G2.

Following his initial public appearance with Tate, Carlos originally doubled down on partying “with whoever the fuck I want” in response to the public backlash to the clip. The organization said after that he would face a two-month unpaid suspension. But likes on various tweets from Carlos following G2 and Carlos’ revised statements seemed to contradict his apology.

French FPS reporter NeLendirekt said in the wake of Riot reversing its plans to partner G2 into the Americas league, LATAM team Leviatán would receive the spot. For XSET, this limits the chances of them being able to stay together and get picked up by one of only five partnered NA organizations next year. Additionally, all of the current players and staff on G2’s EMEA roster have entered restricted free agency and are seeking new opportunities.