Everything to know about the new leaked agent ‘Bounty Hunter’ in VALORANT

The mysterious character is coming soon.

Image via Riot Games

A new VALORANT agent is coming soon and fans recently received a small preview of what’s to come in a State of the Agents post. Leaks have also revealed small details about the new character, showing glimpses of what their abilities could involve. 

The latest State of the Agents blog post gave fans their first official look at the upcoming agent and provided hints at their ability set. The new agent is an initiator that will provide players with an “intimate feeling when hunting down enemies.” The team is focused on developing an agent similar to Sova that provides information to their team in a new and unique way, focusing on “localized initiation and recon tools.”

The blog post also hints at the new agent being Turkish, ending with the Turkish sentence “Herkesin bir korkusu var.” This translates to “everyone has a fear,” further indicating this is the character that has been blackmailing the other agents for months. The teaser image in the blog post even shows a laptop with Sova on the screen and a board with Cypher in the center, indicating the new agent knows all about these characters. 

Eagle-eyed players also noticed a small ring near the cup in the center of the image, which appears to have the evil eye symbol on it. This symbol serves as a protection charm and it might be a part of one of the agent’s abilities. Finally, there appear to be Turkish delights on the desk, adding more evidence that the new agent is from a Turkish background. 

Leaks have also provided more information about the new agent and how their kit will work. The codename Bounty Hunter was recently added to the game files and new default totems with functions similar to Skye’s wolf. It’s unclear if or what the new agent will summon, but it will likely hunt down a specific agent or character. 

Patch 4.07 introduced several changes to the Shooting Range, giving fans a more in-depth at the new agent’s abilities. Cypher’s new office contains a recording of other agents capturing the new character, who almost overwhelms them with their abilities. The team successfully locked them in a cell in the basement near Brimstone’s office and entering the office triggers a frightening debuff that obscures the screen.

A new leak also seemingly suggests the new agent’s name is Fade, although Riot Games hasn’t officially confirmed this information. But the current episode ends on April 25 and the new agent will likely appear in act three.